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NOVITURA comes from the words 'New' and 'Adventure'. The meaning of these words has everything in common with the first project 'Week Planner for Kids' of this young company. With years of experience in Marketing and Creative Design, Novitura develops unique ideas in terms of apps, toys, and (online) product campaigns.

Week Planner for Kids

For first grade children it is very obvious that every Wednesday afternoon they are off from school or that on Saturday morning they play soccer. For younger siblings, however this is not so obvious.

The children of the Novitura founder are stuck with questions like: "Do I have school today?", “Do I have swimming lesson this afternoon?" or "How many nights before we see grandma and grandpa?". They needed to be answered and thus the educational iPad app 'Week Planner for Kids' was born.  

This is what the founder says: "Like all kids, our children - in the age of 3 to 6 have difficulty to distinguishing between weekdays and their weekly schedule. 

Filling out the Week Planner has become the favorite father-child's time of day.  Cozy on the couch or just before bedtime.

The best part is that the app really works. Our children are very excited and especially proud of themselves that they fully master the days of the week and exactly know when they have swimming lessons and who comes to play".

If this project has inspired you and you are looking for a new adventure but do not know how? Mail us with your idea!

We look forward to it!